January 19, 2014

Dry Erase Weekly Goals

I am an organized person. I can't seem to go through my daily life without having it perfectly planned. That's why I always have my to-do lists or my planning lists nearby. 

This year I'm trying to accomplish more goals. I need to know what goals I have to accomplish each week and so I made this dry erase weekly goals. 

This dry erase goal lists is made from a frame I bought in dollar store. I replaced the background photos with scrapbook paper, then I hand wrote the titles.

I divide my weekly goals into several important sections; blog, craft, write, photography and others. Each week I need to know what blog posts I need to write, what crafts I have to make, what stories I have to write, what photos I need to take and other important things, such as what books I need to read.

With this weekly goals, I am sure I can be even more organized, and more goals are accomplished.

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