January 02, 2014

My Bucket List 2014

For the records, I have never made a bucket list before. Real bucket list; the one that you would like to do before you die. I guess I don't have the urge to make a real bucket list because I have tons of new dreams once the old ones are accomplished. Having a real bucket list will be a disaster because then I will have to change it quite often.

That's why I am making the bucket list for 2014, instead. What I am putting in my bucket list, of course, is merely half of the things I'd like to accomplish this year. 

Having a driving license will be my priority because without a driving license, I won't be able to buy a car. Well, of course I can buy a car even if I don't have a license. But what's the point of having a car if I can't even drive it? See what I mean?

And yes, this year I pledge to take writing more seriously - and hopefully it lasts till the end of the year. I didn't write a lot last year and though I regret that, I can't turn back time to fix it. Never mind; I'll take the guilt.

And a puppy!! You know I've been wanting to have a puppy since... I don't know, forever? And Antonio always says that we can't have a puppy while we have those fat, naughty rabbits (hahaha!). Oh, well, hopefully I have a lot better luck this year.

In sum, these are what I put in my bucket list  this year.

What's your bucket list for 2014?
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