May 02, 2014

10 Fabric Organization Ideas

Are you like me who find it a bit complicated to store and organize your fabrics? 

I keep all my felt and cotton fabric on a clear drawer. For me it's an easy and fast idea to store them all. Besides, I don't have tons of fabric -- yet.

However, I would love to store my fabric a lot better and more organized. I would want to easily find the felt color I need for my projects, without having to madly dig into the drawer to find it.

Again, I tried to find some inspirations on fabric organizer ideas (thank you, Pinterest!) and ended up with these 10 fabric organization ideas that will make my life (and yours!) a lot easier.

The original post mentioned clothes hanger to store gift wrapping paper.
I thought it can also be used to store fabrics.

Gosh! IKEA does have everything! Glad I live just a few minutes away from IKEA. I definitely need to go there soon.
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