June 15, 2014

Proof Them Wrong and Live Your Dreams

"Go ahead, underestimate me. That will only make me stronger."

Oh how I enjoy being underestimated. Not because I truly love hearing people say that I can't, but because I can gather all my power to proof them wrong. Being underestimated only makes me stronger.

There are always people who will belittle your dreams. Those who say you can't accomplish them, those who say you are not worth accomplish them, or those who think your dreams are nothing but a waste of time. 

I've met these kind of people in my life. A lot. I can even consider some of them close relatives and friends. Do they stop me from reaching my goals? Not a bit!

Being underestimated makes me realize how important my quest is. When someone underestimates my ability to pursue my dream, my adrenaline is pumped out and I have this voice in my head telling me, "Oh really? So you think I can't make it? I'll proof it! I'll show you I can, and I will!"

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can't do. I always felt an immense feeling of joy and proud of myself every time I proofed people were wrong about me. You shouldn't let negative comments belittle your dream, because it is not about them. Your dream is about you. It is your life and you deserve to have your dream accomplished, no matter what it is.

Everyday in the morning I spend a couple of minutes to watch this dream motivational video. I promise you will get motivated to chase your dream. Enjoy and live your dream.

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