August 16, 2014

DIY: Felt Stick Horse + Pattern


I am feeling extremely empowered today so I decided to create a felt tutorial. This photo tutorial is, in fact, my first step-by-step freebie tutorial. How exciting, eh?

Here I am sharing you how to make a felt stick horse. The finished stick horse measures approx. 7cm tall. They are meant to be used as cupcake toppers, but they serve really nice as decorations as well.

I am also sharing this stick horse pattern. Click HERE to download the pattern.

To make a felt stick horse, you will need:

:: felt, in any colour you want
:: a wooden skewer
:: a small black bead for the eye
:: ribbon
:: hot glue
:: stuffing
:: blush

1. Trace the pattern onto felt and cut them.
2. Use hot glue to stick the nose on the body
3. Stick some ribbon next to the nose.
4. Stick a ribbon on the face.

5. Stick another ribbon on the next.
6. (Optional) Stitch a tiny button on the ribbon
7. Using blanket stitch, sew the side of the body. Do not sew the bottom.
8. Place the hair and sew the rest of the body.

9. Cut the hair.
10. Trim the hair if you wish.
11. Below the hair line, sew the body as in the picture. 
12. Place the skewer and fill with stuffing before you tie a knot.

13. Pull the thread to make a ruffle and tie a knot.
14. From the back of the head, sew the eye.
15. The back of the head should look like this.
16. Use hot glue to stick the ears.

17. Tie ribbon on the bottom.
18. Place some blush on the cheek.

Your stick horse is ready.
Click HERE to download the pattern.

Happy sewing!

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