August 23, 2014

End of Summer Vacation: Back to Work

Today is Saturday, which means I have only 2 days left - today and tomorrow - to enjoy my summer vacation before I get back to work on Monday. I  honestly feel lazy on this end of summer vacation. I feel like doing nothing. 

I can't say I have been very busy the whole summer - because I wasn't - but between writing and crafting, I didn't have time for myself and my husband. It's practically my fault, anyway. My husband did want us to go somewhere, but I always said no because I had to write or craft.

And how do I feel about going back to work? I might not be as excited as I was last year, but I do look forward to this year's teaching. I have new responsibilities and work to handle, and I will try my best to enjoy every single day at school. I just can't wait to start my Crafts Club. That I know I am excited about.

My challenge is: I have to juggle among teaching, managing my blog (which means crafting, creating tutorials and making patterns for my Etsy shop), writing and working as a freelance (managing company registrations for a Spanish company). Not to mention, family time, me time, and other time consuming chores.

WOW! Now that I write them down, they do seem like a lot of work to do!


Well, I am sure the key is to enjoy everything I do and do the best in everything. I need to build my craft business before I can jump to that glorious work-from-home job. Everything is going to be just fine. I know it.

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harjanti dede said...

Good busy Dea! :) Senang membaca tulisan teman-teman yang positif dan bisa memberikan inspirasi.

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