August 07, 2014

How to Train Your Dragon 2: Absolutely Worth Watching

Oh. My. GOD!

I am definitely in love with How to Train Your Dragon 2. Deeply in love with the movie. 

Seriously. I watched the movie yesterday and I was thrilled. I got goosebumps! The movie is nothing like I imagined before. It is amazingly animated and Hiccup is totally gorgeous! It's also funny how Fishlegs and Snotlout fight over Ruffnut (I remember Snotlout was in love with Astrid in the first movie). Also, there are some romantic scenes between Hiccup and Astrid. So sweet!

The new dragons are awesome! I can't believe there is such an Alpha among dragons. A very huge alpha which, unlike normal dragons, breathes ice. It's funny how Toothless is afraid of the Alpha and how he makes a new friend with Cloudjumper, Hiccup' mother's dragon.

However, I really don't like how someone dies in the movie! I mean, it's so sad to see Hiccup's father dies in order to save Hiccup from his own dragon. It's sad to see him dies, when he and his wife agree to go back to Berk and start over again. I cried. I really did.

The movie is worth it! I don't care how many times I've said it, but I LOVE this movie! I'm definitely going to watch it again. It has great soundtracks, too. My favorite is Where No One Goes by Jolin. I played this song over and over again ever since. What can I do? This song makes me happy.

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