August 05, 2014

New Water Colors

Hello, creative people!

I have been thinking and researching a lot about learning to paint. I have two things that concern me; first, whether it is too late to start to learn painting in my late twenties, and second, whether it is worth it to spend extra cash in painting materials.

It might sound weird, but I did google the answer. After all, Google has the answers for everything, right? So, I googled about whether it is not too late to learn something when you are older and I found out that it's not. No, it is never to late to learn anything. Some famous painters reached their success when they were 30's or 40's. 

Then, I also googled about investing painting materials. In my first watercolor painting I used very cheap water colors. I bought them in Carrefour and they are meant to be for students (at schools). All I can say is that I am not very satisfied with the result. Not my painting, but the colors it produced. 

Therefore, I decided to buy better water colors. My choice goes to Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colors. It is water colors for students -- and not for artists. It costs me 15€. It comes with 12 super tiny blocks and 1 small-tip brush. The artist water colors cost more than 100€ and I don't think I need them now. Once I've perfected my drawing, I might opt to buy that one.

I have also decided to self-taught, which means I don't go to any drawing schools in order to learn how to draw and paint -- even though I really want to. I have come to a conclusion that learning can happen anywhere and teachers are around us. At this moment, Youtube is my teacher. I have found several drawing lessons, which really grab my attention. 

I found this drawing tutorial on Youtube and practiced it using my new water colors. I definitely need to improve my coloring technique, but I am on it. What do think of my drawing?

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