August 04, 2014

Vision Board: How to Make One

Looking back to my life, say, 6 or 7 years ago brings me smiles. I remember how it was when I lived in Indonesia, waiting for my dreams to come true. Back then I had a vision board, which I hung on the wall next to my desk. 

Having a vision board motivated me to work hard and to believe in my dreams. I used to stick pictures of places I wanted to visit, things I wanted to have and conditions I wanted to experience. It was fun to look at those pictures and imagined having them all accomplished. Well, I don't accomplish them all. Yet.

When you have accomplished one dream, another dream will fill the gap. Also, during the years you can have completely different dreams. One day you might want to have a Sony laptop, but as you know your capability better, you might want to change it into an iMac instead.

And by saying capability I mean to say that you push your dream into its limit, believing that you can get anything you desire, no matter what. You get into your wildest dreams and you aren't afraid to dream big anymore. Simply because you know, you will make it.

I did have a dream board on my first year in Spain. I don't use it anymore. I even forget where I put the board, haha. However, last week I got extremely motivated to make one again. My life has been lack of inspiration and motivation that I desperately need to have one.

I spent some time to really think about my vision board because I want this one to be special, to give that chill when I look at it and to inspire me to work and make my dreams happen.

If you decide to make your own vision board and don't know where to start, or if you just want to change your old vision board, these steps might help you.

1. Write down your goals. Before you start gooling for pictures, first you need to know what you really want to achieve in your life. Write them down. Write as many as possible. Be clear about what you want. Also, remember to include health, career and relationship areas.

2. Find inspirations on the net. I didn't know what kind of vision board I wanted this time. I normally made one from a cork board, but this time I wanted it to be different. I surfed Pinterest a lot and finally found the one that suits me. It is a vision board made from polaroid pictures, with their descriptions and such. I just love it!

3. Find pictures which represent your dreams. Again, Pinterest is a great source of pictures (bless you, Pinterest!). Google helps a lot, too.

4. Print your pictures. There are 2 options; first, you can print your pictures on photo paper, or second, you arrange them in Ms. Word and print them on regular A4 paper. I did the second one. I used Picmonkey to edit the pictures and made them look like polaroid photos. I printed them and laminated them.

5. Place your pictures (or vision board) on a place where you will see them often. I placed mine on my wardrobe door.

Here is a sneak peek of my vision board. And yes, a Beagle is still on the list.

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harjanti dede said...

Wow! Good idea, Dea! :)

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