October 19, 2014

DIY Halloween Lantern

Hello everyone!

It's been a while, I know. I apologize for going missing. I have been overwhelmed with some stuff at work. I am trying to find some time to craft, and I hope I can give you more tutorials.

Today I want to share my DIY Halloween lantern. I am making this Halloween lantern tutorial for my Crafts Club students at school. Since I have more than 50 students in the club, I thought it would be easier if they could just look at my blog, instead of telling them how to make it.

The funny thing about the end result of my Halloween lantern is... well... it doesn't turn out to be as great as what I wanted it to be, haha.

You see, I saw this Halloween lantern in Pinterest and thought of making it. This lantern is just awesome!

And look how mine turns out!

Anyhow, if you still want to make a Halloween lantern, you can follow this tutorial:

You will need:
paint (I used tempera)
paint brushes
tissue paper
white glue


Mix the paint with the white glue, with 50:50 ratio. 

Using a paint brush, paint the inside of the jar. Let it dry, but you can use a hairdryer for faster drying.

Draw any Halloween figures on tissue paper. The cutting part is a bit tricky, so you might want to increase your patience. Apply a thin layer of white glue before sticking the Halloween figures.

Advice: it is better not to use candle as it will melt the paint. If you want to use a candle, you need to opt for different paint (acrylic or spray paint, maybe?). 

Also, instead of drawing on tissue paper, you can use  a vinyl stickers instead.

Enjoy your Halloween!
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