February 12, 2016

Five Years in Spain

February 12 marked my fifth year living in Spain. Many different things went on ever since I first arrived in Madrid five years ago. I can still recall the moment the plane landed. It felt like a dream, yet it was real. Spain had been my dream country. I didn't plan to live in Spain. I didn't dare to. Yet, destiny told me another different path to take. I am after all destined to live here.

I have experienced living in different cities. I live in a small town in the province of Córdoba called El Viso in my first year. We then moved to Seville in my second year in Spain, then to Málaga the following year. We have been living there ever since. I love Málaga. The weather is just fabulous! Plus, I can find all the spices I need for my Indonesian dishes!

During my fifth year in Spain I got my dream job: being a teacher in an international school. I was tired working as a teacher in an academy, which didn't pay me quite well and was quite stressing, too. I was interviewed when I was in Indonesia for three months to take care of my father. Then, when I returned to Spain, they wanted another interview and offered me the job instead.

I have been working in that school for three years now. I enjoy working there. It is not my dream job anymore (yes, my dreams change every now and then), but I am grateful to find friends there. My colleagues are simply the best. We have fun, we make jokes and it feels like home. Teaching is stressing, of course, but it is okay :)

During these five years also I found my so long passion: crafting. It is late to realize that crafting is something I really want to do for a living. I find joy and peace when I'm crafting, and I cherish every single moment I spend making things. Through crafting I learn new skills: SEO, a little graphic design, and promoting my blog and brand. I opened my online craft shop in Etsy and designed my own blog. I am blessed to be have my first press release and I am still excited about it. Yet, I am still far from success, but I know things are going to work out their best for me.

I am fortunate to be able to visit different countries. We visited Vienna, Prague, Budapest, and Munich last year. Travelling is now one of my hidden passions and I discover the joy of writing travel articles. I get excited when I read my articles published on another website or blog. It gives me pleasures and proud to myself.

Oh, I have my own Beagle dog! I have always been wanted to have a Beagle. My previous flat didn't allow us to have a pet (though we managed to have a pet bunny). Luckily, we moved to another bigger flat last year and the Beagle came along. I name him Sherlock :)

Yet, among those joy and happiness, there is grief as well. I lost my father in December 2015. I was sad I couldn't be with him on his last days, even sadder not to be able to see him for the last time. I managed to go home, but it felt so different without him.

I know I will be staying in Spain for even more years. I adore this country and I love where I am living right now. I am planning to settle down here. There are still more dreams and goals to accomplish. Yet, I am positive I will be guided to the right path to choose.

Until then, let's enjoy and cherish every moment!

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Ratu Wulandari said...

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yang ingin saya tanyakan

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Terima kasih sebelumnya. Muchas gracias dea

kabir khan said...
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