March 18, 2016

8 Must-Visit Destinations in Yogyakarta, Indonesia | The Culture Trip

Ah, it has been one and a half years since I last visited my hometown, Yogyakarta. I went there in December 2014 when my father passed away and I haven't returned home ever since. The reason is probably because I have no one to visit. Well, I have my sister and brother, and my aunts and uncles, and cousins, and friends... Yet, it feels different when I have no parents to visit.

I love Yogyakarta (also Jogjakarta, or Yogya and Jogja for short). I spent my childhood in this cultural city before I moved to Spain in 2011. There are many tourists destinations in Yogyakarta, and this is the reason why I decided to write about it during my internship with The Culture Trip.

Travelling to Yogyakarta is, in my opinion, cheaper than if you decide to travel to Bali. Yogyakarta is as gorgeous as Bali and it has a wide range of destinations, say Prambanan Temple, Borobudur Temple, and the famous shopping street, Malioboro Street. Hotels are varied from as low as 20 euros per night, to more than 100 euros per night. Both are good in service.

If you would like to find out more about travel destionations in Yogyakarta, you can read my article for The Culture Trip here. Also, if you plan to visit Yogyakarta or Indonesia in general just let me know if you any help with recommendations :)

Have a great weekend!
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