March 14, 2016

DIY Easter Decoration + Free Bunny Template

DIY Easter Decoration

Hello everyone!

Are you ready for Easter? Today I'd like to share with you my DIY Easter decoration. This Easter decor is very easy to make, and the materials are easy to get. I am also sharing the bunny template for free, but you can also use your creativity and make different thing. 

DIY Easter Decoration

  • bunny template (link below)
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • whiteboard marker
  • scissors
  • cork
  • tape
  • ribbons
  • string

DIY Easter Decoration
Put the template on the cork and trace it using a whiteboard marker.

DIY Easter Decoration
Cut the cork bunny with a pair of scissors.

DIY Easter Decoration
Paint the cork bunny with acrylic paint. Feel free to design your bunny the way you like it :)

DIY Easter Decoration
Use ribbons to make a bow wrapped around the bunny's neck.

DIY Easter Decoration
Tape the string at the back of the bunny, and your Easter bunny is ready to rock your Easter party!

Pretty easy, right?  Make sure to check my DIY Easter banner for other Easter decoration ideas :)

DIY Easter Decoration

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Drew Watts said...

Loved these Easter decorations and liked all of these ideas. Will use these ideas in my nephew’s birthday party. My sister has already booked one of best venues NYC for his birthday bash and want to me do all decorations.

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