March 29, 2016

Free Kawaii Doodle Printable

Kawaii Doodle
Click here to download this printable!

Hi everyone!

How are you? I am currently enjoying my Easter break from school and it feels amazing! It is nice to have a short break from my daily activities and to do what I love doing instead. I am also taking a mini break from crafting since I found the joy of doodling. It gets easier for me now and I know the tricks and tips to create a cute doodle drawing.

I have been watching Pic Candle videos and tutorials in YouTube a lot. I personally love her art style because it is similar to mine. I made a Kawaii clouds doodle earlier, which is also inspired by her cloud doodle

I don't want to always use the same doodle characters as the ones she has, so I decided to make a doodle bank. It is basically different drawings of doodle characters. Having a doodle bank makes it easier for me to draw because I can always look at the bank when I need some inspirations. I get my doodle characters inspirations from Pinterest.

So, after making a doodle bank, I made this Kawaii doodle! I had so much fun drawing them and so I decided to share it with you! You can print this doodle and color it the way you like it. Click HERE if you want to get this free doodle printable.

I hope you enjoy my free doodle! Have a great Easter holiday!

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