March 04, 2016

Jewelry Storage Ideas

Jewelry Storage Ideas

I never consider myself as a "jewelry person". I don't have tons of luxury jewelry. My precious ones are my wedding and engagement rings, which I don't normally wear daily, and some of my mother's jewelry. Other than that, I have pretty normal stuff I bought in a local accessories shop.

Though I don't have many, I need a method to store them. I used to put them all in a small plastic container and that made it difficult for me to find the jewelry or accessory I needed.

I bought those plastic containers at the dollar store. You have probably known what those containers are. They are divided into several tiny boxes, so I can put one jewelry in each box. Plus, it is easy to find. I often use the smaller container when I travel. I merely need to put the jewelry I need when I'm travelling so I don't have to bring a lot of stuff.

I also found some DIY jewelry storage ideas in Pinterest. I thought of making them, but then I realized I don't have many stuff to store (haha!). I personally love this jewelry storage from Life Ann Style. She made them using chandeliers. Aren't gorgeous? I've got to make them one day!

Jewelry Storage Ideas

I also love this idea from Monaluna and Modern Parents Messy Kids. They are easy to make and, most importantly, cheap. All materials can be found easily at the dollar stores or even at home!

Jewelry Storage Ideas

Jewelry Storage Ideas

What's your jewelry storage ideas? Let me know in the comment below.

Have a great day!
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