March 20, 2016

Kawaii Clouds Doodle

Kawaii clouds doodle

don't consider myself good at drawing, even though I have heard people telling me so. I do like drawing. Yet, to consider myself "good" at it sounds a bit too much for me. I can draw better when I see a sample drawing in front of me. On the other hand, I need more time when I draw from scratch. I am still learning to draw and I fall in love with drawing more recently, especially when I know the doodle world.

It was the time when I was looking for an illustration tutorial on YouTube. I stumbled upon this girl with her video called "How I Doodle" (she's got a YouTube channel called Pic Candle). I was amazed by her drawing skill. She drew beautifully that I could not resist to keep watching her videos. Her drawings are simple, yet fascinating at the same time. Moreover, she uses the Kawaii style I love.

After watching her videos, I thought, "Her pictures are simple. I am sure I can draw that, too!" Well, I did try, but it didn't come out like I wanted it to be. It WASN'T as easy as I thought it was! I tried to draw from scratch, but I couldn't. I didn't have any inspirations, so I stopped doing it.

Then, a few weeks later, I watched her video again. This time I determined to doodle. And that's when I made my first Halloween doodle. It was okay, I suppose.

This time I was inspired by her clouds doodle. It looks so easy to do (but it wasn't!) and so I gave it a try. I had so much fun doodling my Kawaii clouds. I think, this time it was easier for me because I just had to use one character only: the clouds. I didn't have to doodle different characters. I used her doodle faces to in my clouds since I got stuck to doodle different faces for my clouds.

Kawaii clouds doodle

So, that's what my Kawaii clouds doodle looks like. I like it A LOT! I still need to practice here and there -- and I will -- because doodling gives a ton of fun for me. Additionally, I don't have many doodling pens. I only used a whiteboard marker for the outer lines and Staedtler permanent Lumocolor F for the eyes and mouth.

What do you think of my clouds doodle? Let me know in the comment section below :)

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