March 16, 2016

Kawaii Ice Creams Plushies | PDF Pattern and Tutorials

Felt Kawaii Ice Creams


How are you guys feeling? It's getting hotter here in Málaga, which is why I adore this city so much. Málaga has approximately 300 sunny days a year. There's almost no winter here. It jumps directly from fall to spring. So, if you travel to Málaga and the coastal towns, you will find tourists in their bikinis at the beach in March!

What's better than ice creams in hot weather? This is why I made these two adorable Kawaii ice creams to welcome the real hot weather in Spain. One of the ice creams is a pop sickle one, and the other is a cone ice cream, which is pretty much alike from the one in Burger King :D

Felt Kawaii Ice Creams

Felt Kawaii Ice Creams

I made these felt ice creams in Kawaii style (as usual). They have their cute eyes, cheek blush, and pretty bows. I have prepared the PDF pattern and tutorials for these ice cream plushies in my Etsy shop.

Felt Kawaii Ice Creams

You can also opt for my free ice cream pattern in my Freebies list. These ice creams are smaller, and they are just in perfect size for brooches.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Mine is vanilla. Let me know in the comment below your favorite flavor.

Have a great day!
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