March 01, 2016

Press Feature: Guidecentral Maker Mondays

Guidecentral Maker Mondays

You won't imagine how excited and happy I am today!

I am being featured on Guidecentral's Maker Mondays! It is indeed my first press feature as a crafts maker. It truly feels great that my hard work in crafting is being noticed by someone else. I am blessed and grateful that it happens. I mean, it's surely a fabulous way to start the month, isn't it? :)

Guidecentral is a site where you can discover and learn DIY ideas. It has a wide range of tutorials, from baking tasty cookies to knitting a gorgeous scarf. While it features tons of great tutorials, Guidecentral also offers makers (crafting, crocheting, baking, painting, etc.) to upload and share their projects or recipes.

Now you might want to know what benefits you will get by uploading tutorials. Well, Guidecentral used to pay their makers an amount of money per project you upload. Unfortunately, it doesn't do so anymore. However, by becoming a Maker, you will get an elevated profile within Guidecentral community and your projects will be featured on the apps, homepage, Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube.

You can visit my Guidecentral Maker profile here. Also, as I mentioned above, I am being featured on Guidecentral blog. If you'd like to read the complete article, you can read it here.

Let me know in the comment below your experience with Guidecentral :)
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