March 23, 2016

Raindrop Plushie + Free Pattern

Raindrop plushie + free pattern

Right. So, I got a sewing machine for my birthday present two years ago, but I barely use it. I don't consider myself a sewing-machine expert and this is the reason why I hand-stitch most of  my crafts. I do have a good sewing machine (I think). Mine is Singer Talent 3321. Today I felt like sewing; and this cute raindrop plushie is the result.

I didn't want to start hard, so I decided to make a simple plushie. I thought of making a cloud plushie. Yet, the curves a cloud has scares me, haha. I probably try to make one in summer, when I have enough time to craft and to concentrate better.

Do you like my raindrop plushie? It is 18 cm tall (7"). I am using a cotton fabric I bought years ago for the body, and some pink felt for the cheeks and bow. I hand-stitched the eyes and mouth.

Raindrop plushie + free pattern

If you are interested in making one, I am happily sharing this raindrop plushie pattern with you. Simply save the image below and re-size it as you like. Remember to give 1 cm seam allowance if you are using a sewing machine.

You can also download my other "sewing machine" plushie and softie patterns I made: Sausage Dog and Blue Monster.

Raindrop plushie + free pattern

Send me your raindrop plushie photo is you make one. Have a great day!

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